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Longarm Quilting Workbook

Longarm Quilting Workbook from Fons & Porter

Basic Skills, Techniques & Motifs for Modern Longarming

Go from novice to successful longarm quilter with this complete guide to modern longarm quilting. Author Teresa Silva knows exactly what it's like to stand before a new longarm machine wondering where to begin. After years of longarm quilting for some of the biggest names in the quilt community, she's sharing her expertise and giving you the skills you need to longarm with confidence.Teresa covers every detail of the longarm process from thread selection to making practice fun, planning a design, and more!

In Longarm Quilting Workbook, you'll learn;

~ Longarm machine basics, including essential features to look for when investing in your first machine
~ The best tools, materials, and supplies to get the job done
~ 20+ quilting motifs, from basic swirls and loops to more complex feathers or squares
~ How to visualize, plan, and execute multiple styles of quilts through an inspiring gallery of finished samples

You'll enjoy three pieced projects to practice your longarm skills and stir your creative juices. So go ahead, grab your Longarm Quilting Workbook and work along side Teresa Silva to longarm beautifu quilts in no time!

142 fun filled pages